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R.A. Dyer’s book, The Hustler and the Champ, chronicles the long colorful rivalry between pool’s greatest tournament player and its most colorful hustler. Read more about The Hustler and the Champ Purchase the book on Amazon


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R. A. Dyer tells the story of pool in the 20th century, and of the 1960s revival brought on by 20th Century Fox film, The Hustler. The book profiles some of the game’s greatest players, including Rags Fitzpatrick and Harold Worst... Read more about Hustler Days - Purchase the book on Amazon

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Read R. A. Dyer's stories about a pool hustling ghost and about the famous Derby City Classic tournament, held in Louisville, Kentucky. Both stories appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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R.A. Dyer also appears in the Swimming with Sharks documentary, which is included in the DVD release of The Hustler.

Read Dyer’s Untold Stories column in Billiards Digest:

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Visit Billiards Digest to read Dyer’s regular feature in Billiards Digest. Find in the Untold Stories column a reconstruction of seminal events and new light on the glory days of pocket billiards.